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At Onvedeo we believe data can do much more than just inform. Our video technology can transform any type of data into an immersive, engaging story in short form video. This automated process is both highly scalable and cost effective. If you have data to share, you have a story to tell. Why not do it in the form of a video? Currently focused on Real Estate.
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The Benefits of Video Marketing
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More likely to rank on page one of Google using video marketing.
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Click-through rate for pages that appear in search sites.
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Increase in conversion by using video in your landing pages.
Limitless Possibilties
Imagine this: Your name is Mike. You wake up in the early morning after a great dinner party. You pick up your phone and start watching your daily Onvedeo video update...
We are constantly working on new ways to transform data into life-enriching products. The application of our technology is relevant to any type of accessible data. As you can imagine the posibilities are limitless.